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May 27, 2014
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Collector's Edition available Nov. 3, 2015

Da Vinci's Demons - Season 2 (show)

DA VINCI’S DEMONS Season 2 is adventurous, ambitious storytelling that required a dynamic, thematically-layered score,” said composer McCreary.  “The season-premiere plunges the audience right back into the chaos from the first-season cliffhanger, and the tension never lets up.  The score was an immense challenge but among the most creatively rewarding experiences of my life.”

The voyage takes Da Vinci to exotic places, including the new world.  “The sounds of Peru were a huge influence for me,” explained McCreary.  “The challenge was to take all the Renaissance instruments and themes I'd accumulated during the first season and add a whole new sound to them. As always, I strove for authenticity. The Peruvian vocals throughout the season are genuine pre-Columbian indigenous chants that we recorded with singers who trekked down from the mountains to a recording studio in Lima specifically to perform on this score. When Da Vinci sees Machu Picchu on screen, the score quotes a song from the region that is over five hundred years old. It is not often that a television show offers this kind of creative opportunity!”