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EVERLY is a film in which Salma Hayek must stay alive in an apartment while confronting wave after wave of increasingly volatile and vicious Yakuza gangsters. It is pretty much as awesome as it sounds,” described BadassDigest. MovieFone described it as “a symphony of exploding heads and bullets.”

To score this ‘symphony,’ Director Joe Lynch turned to frequent collaborator Bear McCreary. Lynch said, “Bear and Team McCreary (including his lovely muse Raya and badass brother Brendan, who worked on the holiday tracks) were the sonic glue that holds the madness together, and I don’t know what the film would be like without his work on it.” 

Track listing:
1. A Gift from Taiko
2. Deck the Halls
(Performed by Raya Yarbrough)
3. Allies
4. Fighting to Survive
5. A Very Merry Christmas (Performed by Brendan McCreary)
6. Dead Man
7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 

(Performed by Brendan McCreary)
(Performed by Brendan McCreary) 9. The Sadist
10. Taiko
11. Resolution
12. Silent Night
(Performed by Raya Yarbrough)

13. Everly End Credits