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Digital Single:  June 4th, 2013
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Young Beautiful in a Hurry


In 2012, bear collaborated with visionary photographer Randy Halverson to score his timelapse video of the night sky, “Temporal Distortion.”  The film and McCreary’s instrumental score were enthusiastically received by dozens of major news outlets and millions of viewers around the world.

“This year, Halverson came back with a new film, Horizons, and I leapt at the chance to work with him again,” said McCreary.  “This time, I teamed up with my brother, Brendan McCreary, and his band Young Beautiful in a Hurry, and we co-wrote “I Forever,” a new song for the new film.

“Bear sent me the working cut of the movie and I was totally blown away,” Brendan recalled. “Randy Halverson’s film was so powerful and moving without music, I knew we had to create something special. My initial instinct was to do something fully acoustic, and Bear’s was to do something fully electronic. The resulting amalgamation was one of the more harmonious blends of the two I’ve heard in a long while.”