See the awesome opening credits from BLACK SAILS

Starz’ upcoming pirate drama Black Sails has a must-see opening credits sequence with a rousing theme from famed Battlestar Galactica and Walking Dead composer Bear McCreary. Gorgeous, cool, and thematically on target, these credits are like a haunting dream you might have after touring a sculpture museum and hitting Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride on the same day. And the music! Arguably McCreary’s best titles theme, and that’s saying quite a bit (fun fact: the instrument he’s playing is called a hurdy gurdy). The last opening sequence that got us this excited was for HBO’s Game of Thrones, which won the 2011 Emmy for best credits (yes, there is such a thing; the Academy calls it “main title design”). Check out the opening below. Play it full screen, volume up. The sequence starts slow and subtle … then gets interesting. Black Sails premieres Jan. 25 on Starz.